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Let’s hope this goes Ok, posting from my phone today!

My twitter followers may have seen me mention something about a Happy Jar over the last couple of days, well I’m to do one and it’d be awesome if other people joined in too!

The idea came from a YouTube video which I’ll link to when i’m back on my PC. The lady in the video explained how her and her fiance spent a year writing down the things that made them happy so a year later they could have a nice time reading over them.  I thought this was an awesome idea so I went out and picked up a jar, well 2 because I couldn’t resist the colour.

So starting July 2nd I’m going to be filling the bigger jar with things that have happened that make me happy. I chose July 2nd as it is the middle of the year but you can chose a day that is spiritually important or emotionally important.  A year later I’ll sit down and read them then either keep them in a book or box, or burn them.

I thought it’d be fun if twitter friends joined in too! I’d love to know about the little things that make y’all happy. You don’t need to post something every day or even every week, but when you do, feel free to share on twitter with the hashtag #HappyJarProject

You can put anything in there, from finding a new awesome song that made you smile to having a great morning walk.

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